The world of Fine Art


Photography in general is something that has grabbed me. I just can’t get loose of it and I don’t want to either.

For me, people are an important source of inspiration and photographing them is a great joy.

I like to challenge myself and the person that I take pictures of to work together to images that have beauty other than the ordinary thing you see.

I like curves and lights to come together in an image that has meaning.

Searching for new paths, lines, shadows and curves is a never-ending journey. A journey that is always taking me to survey new horizons.

In this site I give you a peak in my world of Fine Art.

This site contains nudity; so if you don’t want to be confronted with this or you do not have the right in the place where you live to legally visit this site, please leave.

Otherwise, welcome to view the pictures.



Welcome in the world of Fine art as seen through my eyes